Public Speaking

PAT Talks NY

I've had the honor to be a keynote speaker at numerous events, covering topics from leadership to productivity to in-depth software development topics, such as Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Blockchain with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Pre-COVID, my most recent event was being the keynote speaker at PAT Talks New York in 2019 to the juniors and seniors of Comsewogue High School covering philosophy, attitude, and technical skills (PAT).

The Evolving Landscape of JavaScript

In March 2019, I spoke at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce for the Leaders in Tech 2019 event, hosted by Austin Fraser, the specialist tech recruitment firm.

I covered the evolution of JavaScript from its inception in 1995 to new ECMAScript advancements, to jQuery, to AngularJS, to React, to modern Angular 2, to TypeScript and how recent tech stack developments can be used to increase time-to-market, reduce bugs, and improve the developer experience.

Breaking into Blockchain: Value, Contracts, & Trust

In September 2018, I spoke at the quintennial Coca-Cola Scholar's Leadership Summit on blockchain, titled "Breaking into Blockchain: Value, Contracts, & Trust.

The talk first covers "What exactly is a blockchain?", how blocks are made, how a shared ledger functions on high level, and how such as technology inverses the "tragedy of the commons" into a "festival of the commons".

I then walked through the history of blockchains, beginning with first blockchain, Bitcoin, and its developments which have emerged as a decade-defining technological feat along with blockchain's evolutions into smart contract platforms like Ethereum, culminating with its implications for trust in an increasingly-polarized society.

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The future is in the mirror. I hope these reflections will be useful to you.
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